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Each and every life is characterised by festive moments:

a birthday, a jubilee, graduating, a promotion,

a birth, a remarkable party among friends, a special happy reunion …

There is no need to go through the logistical and culinary troubles.

Wim specialises as an at-home caterer,

takes the burden on his shoulders and sees to a ‘to the point’ gastronomical feast

but tailor-made for you and at the location chosen by you.

For decoration and style, your party will be a gastronomical top-notch moment

prepared to perfection in dialogue with Wim.

You concentrate on your guests and on the feast.

Wim sees to the rest, in consultation with you.

A party with three festive phases: the preparation together with Wim,

the festive moment itself with a dinner table à la Vandamme,

exceptional memories to cherish.

No need for more… or less.

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