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Discover the foyers Armand & Victor, Zele

Two easily accessible and very cosy foyers that ooze class & serenity.
Perfect for a presentation with exclusive impact,
or a special, savoury tasting evening among colleagues,
or a family reunion that takes up more space than you avail of,& ?
Only three kilometres from both the E17 and the industrial sites N47
and Wijnveld, but far away from daily hustle and bustle.
Foyer Armand
Dr. Armand Rubbensstraat 29, Zele
Modern classic atmosphere in a stately city dwelling
Perfect for classy or up-scale event
Capacity up to 20 persons (seated)
or 40 persons (standing).
Foyer Victor
Dr. Victor Van Cauterenstraat 17, Zele
A sober, no-nonsense environment above pharmacy Lozie
For quiet and stylish meetings, capacity up to 8 persons (seated).

+32 52 44 51 95
+32 474 83 73 17

A guest at Wim's

Wim's house at the Lievekaai, situated in the historical centre of Ghent, is always decorated to the smallest detail.

From table arrangement to music, from a warm welcome to the final touch in the kitchen.. dining at Wim's ensures you accolades from your guests.

You can bring your own wines if you prefer. Of course you can appeal on the oenophile expertise or on the wine cellar of the chef himself. 

Historic Mansion, central Bruges

An xclusieve location, close to the world-famous Rozenhoed Quay and the Pandreitje.
A spacious historic dwelling house boasting a warm interior and a grand piano.
Seated dinners up to 30 persons, walking dinners up to 60 invitees.

Castle De Spycker, Sint-Kruis Bruges

A 19th century castle offering an authentic "fin de siècle" atmosphere.
Art nouveau rediscovered. 

House De Caese, Bruges

A historic town house dating back to 1765, situated in the heart of Bruges.

Xclusive private castle, Oostkerke

An xclusive location amidst the polders of Damme, close to picturesque Oostkerke.
Suitable for small groups. 

Castle Ten Berghe, Dudzele

A unique location close to Bruges. An experience fit for a king or queen:
a neo-gothic dining room, specious romantic bedrooms, a gorgeous park.

Eventhouse, Ichtegem

A brand-new meeting area for both private and B2B events.
Cool architecture, in a vast natural scenery. 

't Klokhof, De Haan

Situated in a pastoral polder setting; a rural farmhouse with large gardens,
Suitable for diners and walking dinners. 

Palace on the Meir, Antwerp

This 250 year old building once was under ownership of Napoleon, Willem I of the Low Lands and the Belgian Royal Family.
Who is next in line? Maybe you for a while? 

House Happaert, Antwerp

The history of the Happaert House is one of knights, burgomasters, professors, dignitaries and artists. 
Among peers! 

Hotel Solvay, Brussels

This house is one of the most remarkable creations of Horta, erected during one of his most creative periods.
Queen Elisabeth and Einstein enjoyed its hospitability.
You're in good company. 

Private Demesne, Heist op den Berg

Rurally situated in a tranquil demesne boasting an exquisite view from the orangery.
Two rooms available, each with their private entrances and both with a 30-person seating capacity.

La ferme du Père Louis, Thirimont, Ardennes

A luxurious chalet featuring 850 ha private gardens in the gorgeous valleys close to Malmédy.
A recipe for tranquillity, harmony, enjoyment and de-stressing. 

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