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Your fantasy, our reality

Inviting people needs a total - even holistic - approach. It is all about a wonderful combination of style, context, star level cooking, being at ease and enjoying people amidst a delicious world of creativity. 
The best is just good enough for you and for your guests.

When it comes to high standard cooking, to the search for a marvelous concept and a special final touch for a very personal setting according to your wishes,... do not hesitate.

You've reached the right place. You've found the answer to your high expectations:
Chef Wim Vandamme is the man you're looking for.

Wim is an experienced star level chef, proud of an outstanding international curriculum,
and - last but not least - ready for much more than a final touch concerning organization.

Wim makes your fantasy a reality. In style. At your table.

A superb way of tasting of life.