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Any destination is possible. Wim can establish contacts, anywhere, worldwide. Please find below a selection of tested and 'well tasted' destinations.

Casa Boavista, 200 meters from the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal

A small-scale luxury residence where time’s flow is regulated mainly by the tides. No musts, everything is possible. Enjoying sea bass, blue Atlantic lobsters, percebes.. straight from the ocean to your table. The casa is close to Lisbon and Porto.  

From the accommodation there is a possibility for reconnoitring wine routes, paragliding, walking, golf...
The spirits and the sun are high. The Fado close by. 

Castle Sypesteyn, Loosdrecht near Amsterdam

Esquire van Sypesteyn dreamed of a castle-museum in memory of his family of whom he was the last descendant.
That dream came true. Another touch, a specific story, an experience like no other. 

The riverboat M/Y Hallas on the Bosporus, Istanbul

The Bosporus: border between Europe and Asia, a mix of cultures. Istanbul, city of the sparkling Topkapi, of historic crusades, of a never surpassed bazaar. On this boat, built in 1914, we gaze upon this fascinating city from on and along the water, a busy strait connecting continents. And endless 24/24 spectacle. The boat is fully chartered and boasts 3 suites and 10 rooms. 

Unique lodges in Lapland

In Lapland we have unique lodges at our disposal in wooded, entrancing surroundings. An excursion on husky-sledge, sailing an icebreaker, visiting a gold and copper mine are standard possibilities. We can offer this xclusive voyage custom-made. End of January, early February are recommended. Then the probability to see the aurora borealis is at its peak.
Freely translated: the strange colourful spectacle of the northern lights. 

Domaine Laudonie, the Dordogne, France

The demesne Laudonie, 53 hectare large, is hidden between the forested hills of Rouffignac–Saint-Cernin de Reilhac. The Manoir offers perfect lodgings for 12 persons. The Dordogne region is renowned for the truffle: in earlier times pigs were used to rout them up, now perfectly purpose-trained dogs find them. January and February are the moments par excellence for the black truffle gastronomy. Wim turns it into a four-day extravaganza filled with surprises and varieties. 

Scottish Highlands

Between monsters and lakes, between deep-grooved valleys and rough mountains; this is all back to nature.
A hunting party, whisky tasting, lodging the Scottish way with focus on the Scottish accent.. seven days amidst nature,
hunting and then indulging in Wim's table. Remembering this does not even need a trophy.

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