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Wim’s xperience is versatile and this translates in a triple approach where consultancy is concerned.
Wim knows and gladly shares what he knows with you.
Whether you are a starter, or a restaurant manager seeking a start-through, a coach working in the kitchen of an institution or organisation, … or you first wish an internal audit of the kitchen or the service, ...
Wim’s xpertise and xperience give you an xtraordinary chance for tailor-made consultancy.
The way is

  • Xclusive… à la tête du client
  • Xperience… thanks to more than 30 years of know-how
  • Xcellent… focussed on applicability and feasibility

The eye sees

  • Kitchen… purchase, processing, food cost, concept menu card and your business identity, …
  • Coaching… taking reservations, reception, table styling, dispatching employees, customer- oriented anticipation ….
  • Management… briefing employees, time management, external PR, one-to-one for all.


A kitchen is a place where many people work. 
A place where suppliers, kitchen staff, interns, sous-chefs, cooks, the chef and ultimately also the floor staff must be able to find their place and their work.

What are possibilities to let the kitchen group work as a team?
How do you organise work schedules, how do you describe responsibilities for each function, how do you ensure that those who work in the kitchen know their way around and can work there efficiently?

Kitchen staff made my life colourful. 
I myself have experience with small and large teams. 
It’s about stimulating, directing, delegating, and… sending back, adjusting. 
Coaching a kitchen team and floor staff works. 
And that only benefits the quality of the end product.

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