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Leading any restaurant or catering business is a complex undertaking. 
There is the supply of products, the control on quality, the strict adherence to legislation in regards to safety and hygiene, the HACCP standards, there is the external communication with client and supplier, there is the internal communication with the team that is responsible for the daily work flow.

What are possibilities and opportunities for specific management support of the person in charge? 
How does management become an asset towards quality and efficiency? 
How do you tackle time management? 
How do you build a network? 
How do you invest in external communication? 
What are the pitfalls?

Management made my life colourful. 
Communication has always been an important issue for me, both internally as externally. 
As a manager of teams that an at times encompass more than two hundred staff, one quickly sees how important clear arrangements are. 
It is your tasks as a manager to match the capacity of your team with the wishes of the client, and to always ensure quality at the table. 
As a culinary designer, as a chef, as an organiser en through my contact skills, I can pass this expertise on to others.

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