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Summer cooking lesson wednesday 13 june 2018

Greeting from 5.30 pm,
We love to start the class at 6.00 pm punctually.
Partners, friends are welcome from 8.30 pm.

we serve a few appetizers, in fact small dishes
apéritif of your choice
house champagne – gin&tonic – saisonal smoothie

we prepare together following menu
wild shrimps  tomato  black olives  artichoke  yuzu  thai basil

short fried sweetbreads or quail
green peas  san daniele  schallots  green asparagus
new potatoes  poultry broth xérès green herbs

pavlova of strawberries
parsley  white chocolat  ginger candies  meringue  vanilla ice cream

moka or tea  homemade mignardises

matching wines are selected by www.terroir-wines.be

we ask persons with an allergy,
certain dining habits or an ingredient they do not like
to let us know so we can take your wishes into account.

all dishes are prepared using top-grade ingredients.
because we respect nature, no endangered land or sea species are served.

this event can also be organised privately at a date of your choice,
at our or your place or at another location. We will make a tailor-made proposal.

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