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Chef Wim Vandamme was once the youngest Belgian chef with a Michelin star. 
The former and well known Maison Vandamme (Zeebrugge, Belgian coast) was his starting point, a remarkable meeting point for people with good taste.

As a man of the sea, he shows a great interest in fish, caviar, shellfish and crustacees.
As a man of the wetlands, he's choosy, even particular on meat: Bresse pigeon, rib-eye veal, filet of deer, hare of our polders, Wagyu n.11, even the real Kobe beef.

Wim is demanding concerning the quality of the ingredients: only star level is good enough. 
Being original in his eyes, is knowing all about the origine of products. 
All of them are top products chosen one by one.

Wim's dishes show harmony, a natural but well though-out link between taste and product: 
no need for the client to 'guess' what's on the table. Original, natural but elaborated in a very detailed way in order to emphasize the very nature of the product, this is the heart of his cuisine.

The choice of products is often seasonal but daily fresh. 
The advice of his sommelier, intensifies and reinforces the natural flavor of his cuisine.